Wig storage is important in ensuring your wig is well maintained after every use, this is essential as it determines the longevity of the wig.

Below are steps to store your wig for easy re-use and maintenance.

  1. Proper detangle and comb out
  2. Ensure it is clean
  3. Ensure it is dry
  4. Store on appropriately (Mannequin head/Wig hanger/Wig stand)
  5. Store in a silk or satin bag
  1. Proper Comb Out: after use, so as to detangle and reduce the shedding to the minimum, this also helps put it back in a ready-to-use state.
  1. Ensure It Is Clean: If the wig has been worn severally (4-5 times) depending how sweaty the wearer was, do well to wash and deep condition before storage. As storing a dirty wig reduces its life span.
  1. Ensure It Is Dry: Storing a wig that's wet or even slightly damp can lead to mold so avoid this. You can use a blow dryer to speed up the process of drying a human hair wig, but synthetic wigs should be completely air-dried to prevent any damage The wig should be properly dried, before storage, again to prevent shedding and damage.
  1. Store Appropriately:
  • On a Wig Head: Wig heads are a great storage option; they'llhelp maintain the shape and style of your wig in between use.


                                                           Wig Head

  • Wig Hanger: This is also referred to as a wig holder, it is a very wig storage and can be used for wig mobility. Wig hangers can easily be used to move your wigs around while keeping the wig in shape.


                                                       Wig Hanger

  • Wig Stand - also serves the purpose of wig head, they help keep the wig in shape and in style.


                                                              Wig Stand


                                                          Wig Stand

  1. Store In Silk or Satin Bag

This is the smartest way to make sure your wig is retaining moisture while it's being stored. It will not only help keep your wig soft and hydrated, it'll also prevent static and tangles in the long run. Many wigs are sold with satin bags for this exact purpose, you can also find affordable options online.

Pro tip: Satin bags are also great if you plan on traveling with your wig, since they don't take up much space.


                                                     Wig Satin Bag

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For revamping and styling of your wigs before you store them, please visit our salon Or place a call to 0909 810 1010 to book an appointment.

Thank you.

10x10 Love

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